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Governance and Board of Directors

The Couchiching Family Health Team was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation on January 29, 2007. The corporation is guided by corporate bylaws, which are available for review upon request. The Board of Directors are the primary governing body of the Couchiching Family Health Team and consist of 7 physician members.

The Board has three committees who report to them:

  • Operations/Finance/Audit
  • Quality Improvement
  • Joint Health and Safety

Board of Directors 2021

  • Dr. Greg Armstrong, Lead Physician/Chairman of the Board
  • Dr. Peter Daniel 
  • Dr. Kirsten Farn
  • Dr. Kelly Mollon
  • Dr. Kim McIntosh
  • Dr. Rachel Sheppard
  • Dr. Anna Naylor 

The Couchiching Family Health Team’s Chief Executive Officer, Lynne Davies, reports to the Board.

Key Contact
Lynne D.